' The Vibrant Vine Winery - Covid-19


We are going above and beyond the recommended measures to make our home open for

Tastings & Retail Purchases in the Store between 11am - 6pm every day.

Your Safety is our priority. 

The Vibrant Vine Winery is taking the Covid-19 Safety Measurements more seriously than ever.

We are keeping up the highest standards of Covid Safety measurements to ensure we can still provide you with one of a kind Tastings Experiences.

We ask that you follow the “safe six circle” idea when visiting us to help us maintain a safe and fun experience for everybody. 

Our Concierge Desk’s digital queuing system and contact tracing efforts greatly reduce risks, allows us to maintain safe room capacity and help us stay accountable for your safety.

We have a one-way system through the building to help maintain social distancing.

As of November 19th, 2020 mask are mandatory inside at all times except when tasting wine. ⁠We will be providing guests who forgot their mask with complimentary ones to use during their visit.⁠

All Vibrant Staff diligently and routinely check their temperature, wear face guards, wash/sanitize hands, wipe down all communal surfaces between use including counters, bars, door handles, stair railings and POS machines, and public washrooms.

The Vibrant Vine Winery Team   

The Vibrant Vine Winery Covid 19 Safety Plan

In accordance with the guidelines issued by WorkSafe BC and Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry, the following measures have been taken by The Vibrant Vine to ensure the safety of our employees and patrons. 

This COVID-19 Safety Plan is our business’ step-by-step response to increased awareness around, and our enhanced protocols for, the health and safety of our staff and our customers. 

Our business is committing to following the steps outlined in each of the 6 areas mandated by WorkSafe BC and the official Public Health Order. Our plan includes outlining our physical changes, our increased protocols and our required usage of PPE. We also outline the training we will be providing for our staff to ensure that the processes are followed. 

Our goal with this plan is to create a workplace that is aware and responsive to the new protocols and physical changes to our workplace as a result of COVID-19. Through our enhanced awareness, we aim to help the Provincial Ministry of health to reduce the risk of person-to-person transmission through the following 6 measures in order of priority: 

1 – Creating more space between patrons and staff in our business. 

2 – Reducing the number of people in our business at any one time according to the latest Public Health Order. 

3 – Adding physical barriers between people working in our establishment that cannot otherwise maintain physical distance. 

4 – Establishing new rules and guidelines for our staff to follow to help keep people physically distanced and to enhance our cleaning regimens. 

5 – Defining what positions and in what situations our staff will safely be using PPE, particularly non-medical masks, to limit exposure to respiratory droplets. This includes training on how to use masks correctly. 

6 – Public Organized Gatherings: Outdoors up to 100 people - Indoors: 50 people 

Our plan is current as of this date: August 25th, 2021 

Our contact for COVID-19 related concerns is: Valeria Verholen

Venue Area Specific Action

Retail Environment
  1. Entrances and Exits
  2. Designated entrances and exits with crowd control barriers
  3. Signage to denote entrances and exits
  4. Santizer readily available with BC Ministry of Health signage
  5. Garbages readily available
  6. Self Diagnosis information at entrances
  7. Doors kept open to reduce contact
  8. Room occupancy signs on entrances (35 for the store)
  9. Concierge system gathering details of ‘walk-in’ customers prior to entrance
  10. During busy periods and peak days a member of management stands at the entrance to ensure capacity is not reached / exceeded.
  11. Distancing and Contact
  12. 2m distancing markers on the floor with accompanying signage
  13. Card Machine and Till wiped with Sani/Cide after every use
  14. Regular washroom cleaning and signing
  15. Gloves readily available
  16. Minimal merchandise accessible to customers
  17. Staff to fulfill orders to reduce contact with products
  18. Contact Tracing
  19. Online booking system captures Name, Telephone / email address, total in party and date of booking.
  20. Information captured is stored securely on site and in cloud and retained for minimum 30days
  21. Concierge captures Name, Telephone / email address, total in party, if they were tasting, which employee captured the data and date of visit.
  22. Digital Queuing
  23. Once we are at capacity a digital queuing system is implemented
  24. Customers are given pagers which allow them to queue outside, anywhere on the property, reducing gathering areas.
Tasting Room
  1. Entrances and Exits 
  2. Designated entrances and exits with crowd control barriers
  3. Signage to denote entrances and exits
  4. Santizer readily available with BC Ministry of Health signage
  5. Garbages readily available
  6. Self Diagnosis information at entrances
  7. Doors kept open to reduce contact
  8. Distancing and Contact
  9. 2m distancing markers on the floor with accompanying signage
  10. Set routes through venue with signage and directional markers
  11. Reduced capacity (44) of floor space as well as reduced party sizes at each tasting bar 
  12. Booking and Concierge system to regulate timing of groups through venue
  13. Nine separate tasting areas with separation of tour groups, private bookings, walk-ins
  14. Groups are not mixed with others and must remain 2m apart at all times
  15. Regularly monitored and separate washrooms throughout venue with signage from BC Ministry of Health
  16. Floor markings and crowd separation barriers are in effect to ensure a 1-way system
  17. Management continuously monitor Tasting Room to ensure social distancing, capacity limits, 1-way system is being adhered to
  18. Consumption
  19. Glasses are washed, heat treated, and stored separately from used/ dirty glassware
  20. Tasting hosts do not touch tasting glasses
  21. Where possible, separate employees handling clean / used glassware
  22. Removal of Spitoons until further notice
  23. Customers do not touch pouring bottles
  24. 2m floor markers ensure safety of server and customer 
  25. BC Ministry of Health signage at each bar
  26. Limit one employee on each tasting bar for distancing
  27. Separate sanitizer for employees and customers
  28. Bar are wiped with Sani/Cide between every group
  29. Separate hand-wash stations for staff only at every station
  30. All menus and materials available to public are laminated and cleaned between every use
  31. Tasting hosts wear gloves throughout tastings and sanitize hands regularly
  32. Tasting hosts wear masks when within 2m of guests and during service
  33. Glassware remains in the Tasting Room and customer’s cannot bring their own food/ drink/ glassware into the tasting environment.
  34. Washrooms used by guests occupying Tasting Room and Gallery are separate from those used by event space (Lawn or Lake View) and are monitored regularly throughout the day. Guests from each area of the venue will only have access to allocated washrooms and will not be able to move freely between these areas.

    Staff Training & Declaration

  • Extensive education and training including
  • How the virus is transferred
  • How long it can survive on surfaces
  • Symptoms and how to self diagnose
  • How to recognise symptoms in others
  • Best practices of social distancing
  • Incubation period and behavior of COVID-19
  • Importance of self isolation
  • Protocol, procedure & PPE
  • Set frequency of cleaning for high risk areas
  • Washrooms
  • Bar and Till surface
  • Card Machines
  • Products in retail environment
  • Glassware
  • Hands and self hygiene
  • Contactless temperature checks daily prior to start of shifts
  • How long to leave Sani/Cide on surfaces
  • Glove and Mask use as required
  • 2m distancing and occupancy capacity
  • BC Ministry of health guidelines and signage in staff only areas
  • Sensitivity and crowd management
  • Management hierarchy intervention if employee feels unsafe
  • Understanding of how to ensure safety of all customers regardless of their individual behaviour
  • Vigilant monitoring of group size and movement through venue
  • Declaration
  • Each employee to read, understand and sign documentation upon completion of training, prior to exposure to customers.
Areas of Business & Capacity

Wine Shop - 35 people - 2 washrooms
Tasting Room - 44 people - Designated Washrooms Separate from Events Lawn
Loft - 15 people - No Consumption
Gallery & Lake View Room - 50 people - 2 washrooms which can be isolated for Private Events
Lake View Terrace (outdoors) - 50 people - Separate outdoor access
Lawn (Event Space) - See appendage - 2 Washrooms Separate from Tasting and Retail