What to Expect when you Visit The Vibrant Vine

Visiting The Vibrant Vine is a very different experience from visiting most other wineries. Yes, it
is a winery ( Part of The Lewis Family Wineries which include Okanaganvilla Estate Winery and
Frequency Wine and Sound Winery) but you will probably want to spend far longer at The
Vibrant Vine than you may be used to spending at other wineries, because there is far more to
the experience than at a typical winery tasting room. We think of ourselves as a destination
winery where creating the best customer experience is our main objective, but our wines are
only part of that overall experience. So what should you expect when you arrive?

We have two parking lots. One is paved and is for persons requiring assistance only. It’s on the
same level as the main tasting areas and is clearly marked “Handicapped Parking Only” The
main parking area ( with 75 spaces) is not paved since we are within the Agricultural Land
Reserve and their Regulations will not allow this large area to be paved. The main parking lot is
on the same level as the Snack Shack Lawn and the VIP Tasting Cellar.
Entry to both parking lots is via the main gates on Pooley Rd, and there is a separate 
exit through the main parking lot.



From the main Parking Lot, walk up past the Chardonnay Vineyard ( planted in 2008) to the
main entrance Patio and this is where you will be met and greeted by one of our Greeting Hosts.
You can leave your pet here. They’ll be fine in the shady “Pet’s Corner” with fresh water (sorry no wine!)

Please do not bring food or drink into the building and, of course all areas except for the “Smoker’s Corner” are no smoking.
Our Greeting Host is there to answer any questions you may have and to provide a set of 3-D
glasses that you’ll need inside. ( we recycle them so please leave them in one of the “Recycling
Buckets” for other guests to use after you)

The Main Building
From the Patio, enter the main building and your first reaction will probably be “Shock and Awe”.
Take a few moments to look around but then cross over to the Concierge Desk so that you can
check in for your personal tasting with one of our Tasting Hosts. If you will not be trying our
wines, you can go straight through the Heritage Tasting Room and outside to the Snack Shack
Lawn on the lower level. But most of our guests come to taste our wines, and since we have

thousands of visitors each week, we have a “first come-first served” approach which

is organized for you at The Concierge Desk.
Here you will pay the refundable- with-purchase Tasting Fee and, at busy times, be given a
“buzzer” that will vibrate when your personal host has prepared your tasting space.
While you’re waiting, you’re free to wander around the building and gardens. Check out “The
Secret Garden” for some quiet time with the three fountains, or visit the “Long Gallery” upstairs
which leads to the Lakeview Lounge and Patio. Or wander outside and enjoy live music from a
table on the Lawn Patio or down on the Lawn below. We have many, many local artists
performing on The Lawn Stage (Friday, Sat, Sun and Holidays), and you can pick up a
“Woopsicle” from the Snack Shack while you wait for your tasting!

When your Host is ready, your buzzer will alert you, so just head up to the Concierge Desk
where your personal Host will be waiting and he or she will greet you by name and take you into
the Heritage Tasting Room or to our VIP Cellar for your personal Tasting Experience.






The Tasting Experience
There are eight Tasting Bars at The Vibrant Vine and sometimes it can get quite busy with
several hundred guests on site. But your personal Tasting Host will take you through our wines
at your pace and will have lots of stories that will enhance the tasting experience! So if you’d like
to delve into the technical details of our wines, just ask-and if our Tasting Host doesn’t
immediately know the answer, we will get the information to you before the end of your
approximately 20 minute tasting session. Our refundable - on - purchase standard Tasting Fee includes tasting

five wines ( usually three whites and two reds) but you can ask your Tasting Host to add other wines

including sparkling wines and ice wine in a chocolate cup for an additional small fee.
In addition to the tasting bars in the 1937 Heritage Tasting Room, we have the Loft Bar ( for
larger groups) and the Cellar for VIP tastings.
At the end of your Tasting, the whole building is yours to explore and enjoy for as long as you
wish. We serve wine by the bottle or glass and food from our Snack Shack which you can enjoy
on our lawn, the Lawn Patio or the Lakeview Lounge and Patio and many guests spend the
whole afternoon enjoying a glass of wine while listening to live music there.

Shopping at the Vibrant Vine
Our wine and gift shop is a sight to behold. Check out the bottle lights hanging over the counter,
or the 3-D Vibrant Vine signs at the Counter (How did we do that?) Then, of course, everywhere
there’s the Art of Phill Lewis expressed in all sorts of media. There are small and large canvas
prints, colouring books, children’s books and an extensive logo clothes line.

Oh and we also sell our wines here!
Buy a case of wine and receive a discount of 10%, or join our wine club and get 15% off two
cases a year plus so many other benefits.






Events at the Vibrant Vine
We regularly have live music on the stage of the Tasting Room Lawn, and we have seating for
our many guests under the shade trees. Our Snack Shack is there and offers plenty of snacks
to go with your glass of wine.
Then up at The Villa, we host larger events such as our annual Phantom of The Villa which is an
oudoor performance, under the stars in the Italian Fountain Coartyard. Each year we sell out
900 seats over three performances. Our Wine Club Members are hosted at a private reception,
and receive assigned seats for the show.